"I had always been scared to take a yoga class, and I first signed up for Suzanne's Yoga Empowered for Chronic Conditions class on a whim. 18 months later, I am SO glad I did! Suzanne's classes aren't competitive and they allow students of all levels to feel competent and welcome. Suzanne greets each student with a smile and she teaches yoga in a way that invites curiosity and learning. Suzanne also provides her students with skills they can incorporate outside of the yoga studio; I have found these super accessible and easy to incorporate into my every day life."

-Melissa H

"There are no words to describe the beauty and bounty of Suzanne's yoga teachings. My first yoga experience was with Suzanne, and I hold her techniques and philosophies as my own true gold standard. She welcomes you wholeheartedly to her world of yoga for that hour...and I wonder how her classes get BETTER each time, when I already leave feeling that ...that was the BEST class EVER! Suzanne is amazing and I celebrate her spirit every day! Suzanne's classes truly empower you. Thanks, Suz!"

-Mary Lou H

"Suzanne mixes calm and energy in a class that relaxes and energizes body and mind. I've tried other classes, but Suzanne's is the real thing with its focus on the breath as the anchor for yoga practice. By checking in with students at the beginning of class, Suzanne can tailor each session so that, by the end of savasana, we're all rejuvenated."


"For me, Suzanne's Yoga class has been a gift. She is an expert guide on the union of breath and stretching, but she also comes to Yoga with the open heart of a student. Never before have I wanted to be as present with myself and body as in her class."

-Emma J

"Suzanne is a yoga teacher of great ability and sensitivity, alert to the needs of each individual in the class. Her depth of knowledge as well as her keen intuition serve her students well and I feel very fortunate to have been able to practice with her. Her compassion and sense of humor are also great assets which make every session a healing and empowering experience."

-Christine S

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